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Lineer Scale For Pressbrake

Atek Lineer Scale For Press Brakes

We are supplying lineer scales for all length and all brand of pressbrakes and all controllers brands as Step Automation, Cybelec, Delem, ESA etc.

We are reselling following brands:

  • Atek (OLC430, MLC410, MLC420)
  • Opkon (MPS)
  • Givi (PBS, PBS HP, PBS HR these models are end of life EOL. We are offering replacement products as GVS 200, GVS 202 or GVS 215 magnetic type)
  • Heidenhain LS1679 replacement

Magnetic or optical all are available in very short time.

We are offering replacement for each brands with technical support.

It is enough you send us some photo from the lineer scale as examples below:

If you can not find the code of the lineer scale it is enough to tell as the total length of the lineer scale and CNC controller brand and model.


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