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Punch Holder


Punch holders are very critical parts of a press brake. There are different types of punch holders in terms of punch fix place.

There mainly 2 types called Universal puch holders and European type punch holders.

  • The universal type are also called Wila type punch holder.
  • The European Type is also called as Promecam type punch holder.

European (Promecam) Type Punch Holder Manual Fix

European (Promecam) Type Punch Holder Manual Quick Fix

European (Promecam) Type Punch Holder Hydrualic Clamping

Manualy fixed upper tool punch holders are existing generally in 2 models.

  • One model is fastened-unfastened with a L hexagon key: It is economical solution but it is not a good choice for companies are changing upper tools (punches) frequently. Because to unfasten and fasten takes long time.
  • Another model called Quick Fix: This model is very good choice for companies are changing upper tools very often during the working. It is quickly unfastened and fastened.
  • There are also automatic clamping type holders. These ones are controller via pneumatic or hydrualic systems. It is very quick systems. So for companies changing upper tools of their press brake very often must select one of these models.

European type punch holders are enabling operators to make partial adjustment along the bending length of the press brake. So in case of upper tool of press brake damaged it is possible to compensate it.

There is not a standart size and type of punch holders, each pressbrake manufacturer has different designs. So to find these parts as a standart spare part is not possible in the market.

As RF Teknoloji we have a very large supplier chain so we are able to supply almost each type of punch holder for all brand and type of press brake.

You can contact with us for any request for punch holders.

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